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Frivolous lawsuits threaten the livelihood of small businesses across America.  One particular individual has claimed a monopoly on a common-sense and long-standing method of posting and organizing race images online.  Ten photography companies have been sued, and nine have settled the lawsuits as litigation costs are far beyond the reach of most small businesses.  There are more than 30 race photography companies in the US, leaving at least 20 event photographers wondering "Will my business be next?"

These lawsuits affects dozens of small businesses, hundreds of event photographers and employees, thousands of race events and millions of athletes who participate in these events.  Worst of all, these lawsuits siphon money away from the many worthy charitable organizations that raise funds for important causes like cancer research, services to military veterans, services to disadvantaged children and local community organizations.

Help us to end this specific case of patent abuse.  The patent system is designed to protect legitimate innovators.  Instead, the patents in question create an unfair monopoly and discourage competition.

Only with your help can we permanently end these specific patents which affect so many.  Your donations will be used to defend against and/or overturn the claims in these patents.  Please consider a donation of $50 to $500, and even more if you can.  Even $25 helps to get closer to our goal! Remember, United We Stand. Divided, companies have fallen, one by one. Together we can end this threat once and for all.  Time is of the essence.  Thank you for your support!

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